Cuboree 2011 – by Nick

During the holidays there was a wonderful event called the Cuboree. Many cubs knew about this event as it was the biggest cub event of the year. It was so big because it lasted for 4 whole nights and there were over 900 cubs from all over Australia and also many leaders and venturer helpers to look after us and run the activities.

The Cuboree was held at Camp Cottermouth A.C.T. The theme for the Cuboree was communication. We were put into five depots (groups) called cryptologists, actors, illustrators, coders, and signallers. Our Group was the actors. Each depot had a number of smaller teams inside it. Our team was the radio communication team.

Each day, except for the last day, we did two activity stations. In each activity station there
were a number of activities. Some activities involved teamwork, some involved writing, some involved craft, and some even involved getting wet! My favourites were the water slide, the GIGANTIC flying fox and the junk yard.

On most nights we went to a covered area which was turned into a stage. There were concerts and we sang the Cuboree theme song. Then we had Milo and went to sleep.

Everything about Cuboree was fun, and the food was pretty good too (my dad said to say that because he helped in the kitchen).
Nicholas Dale, Yowie Pack