Group Camp at the Beach from a Cub’s Perspective

Group Camp at Durras Beach
At South Durras Birralee Scout Group had a Group Camp.
At camp we did all different activities and the one I did was beach sports and it was really fun because we had finished all the games and there was still 10 minutes left until we had to head back to camp so we got to play in the water for 10 minutes. We also saw a pod of dolphins and I think I saw a small fin in the water.
We also went on a hike through the bush and some people got leaches. When we were near the end we got to take our shoes off and dip our feet in the water.

By Amy
Yowie Pack

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Orroral Cub Camp

Birralee Cub Scout Camp
Bunyip Pack
By Brooke

The scout camp was so much fun. We got to make our own dinner. We had roast potato, sausage and vegetables with tomato sauce or gravy. The coolest part about that was we got to cook all of that on the fire. YUM.
After dinner we played spotlight, then had supper, told some stories, and roasted normal and sour marshmallows on the fire. Then we went to bed, but the only bad thing was that it got to around -7 so everyone had to stay as warm as possible.
In the morning we had pancakes and bacon, if we wanted, we could have berries, banana, maple syrup or whipped cream on our breakfast. At 9:30am we started to go on a hike, we were gone for about 4 hours.
When we got back from the hike we packed our bags then packed up the tents. Then it was time to get in our cars and leave camp.

Golden Sun Moth Night Hike

Bush Walk with Cubs/Joeys

By Elizabeth Gillon (7 years)
Echo Mob – Birralee

As I walked out of my dad’s truck I saw the Joey Leaders, Cub Leaders and the Joeys and cubs. My equipment was head lamp, first aid, gloves they were all in my day pack.

We were going on a night hike at Mulligan’s flat. I got teamed up with Chiara. She was my cub buddy.

As the hike started I could all ready see some kangaroos, because it was a bit dark the kangaroos eyes looked creepy, so Chiara and I ran ahead up to the front of the group. At that time I had wondered about how far we had walked.

Then Jemalong stopped because she saw a frog. Then there were Joey’s with their buddies looking at the frog. On the way to the top of the hill we saw spiders and beetles.

When we got to the top of the hill there we read facts about the Golden Sun Moth. It is an endangered animal.

I had a lot of fun on the bush walk with the Cub Scouts and the Joeys.

Bunyip Pack Visit to Hall Museum

Hall School Museum Visit
On Thursday 12 February, the Bunyip Cub Pack went to the Hall School Museum for a special project as part of our Badge-work – Local History Badge.
When we got there, we were split up into groups and went to different buildings.
My group went to the Memory Lane building first. We saw a movie called ‘The Kid’ starring Charlie Chaplin. This was the type of movie that children would watch 100 years ago.
Next we went to the Old School House, where we got to write on slate boards. The ‘teacher’ said that this was an old fashioned iPad that they used in schools in the early stages of Canberra.
We learned that if you misbehaved in class you would be whacked with a cane, that all girls needed to learn how to sew, and that boys were allowed to bring handguns and shoot them in the school yard before class and NOT get into trouble.
Things are a bit different today in schools, than they were 100 years ago.

By Charlotte Quigly
Bunyip Pack