Bunyip Pack Visit to Hall Museum

Hall School Museum Visit
On Thursday 12 February, the Bunyip Cub Pack went to the Hall School Museum for a special project as part of our Badge-work – Local History Badge.
When we got there, we were split up into groups and went to different buildings.
My group went to the Memory Lane building first. We saw a movie called ‘The Kid’ starring Charlie Chaplin. This was the type of movie that children would watch 100 years ago.
Next we went to the Old School House, where we got to write on slate boards. The ‘teacher’ said that this was an old fashioned iPad that they used in schools in the early stages of Canberra.
We learned that if you misbehaved in class you would be whacked with a cane, that all girls needed to learn how to sew, and that boys were allowed to bring handguns and shoot them in the school yard before class and NOT get into trouble.
Things are a bit different today in schools, than they were 100 years ago.

By Charlotte Quigly
Bunyip Pack

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Birralee Snow Camp – From a Venturers Perspective

The Birralee Snow Trip

By Cai (Karla Birna Venturer)

On 15-17th August, the Birralee Group which included 31 cubs, 26 Scouts, 15 Venturers and 20 Leaders and Parent Helpers and 3 Wells Station Scouts and 1 Leader went to Jindabyne for a trip to the snow. The Venturer bus was lots of fun, with cable ties and music. The Cubs bus was presumably not as fun.

Once we arrived at Jindabyne, we moved into our rooms and set up our beds. After a brief speech, and a tasty supper, it was time for bed, on our first night at Jindabyne. The only problem was, some of the cubs were a bit too excited for the snow, and stayed up until 1 o’clock at night excitedly talking (and making farting noises).

In the morning we ate a delicious warm breakfast of hash browns and French toast. Soon afterwards, we climbed onto the buses and headed out to Perisher for an exciting day of snowy fun.

For the first half of the day, the Venturers went tobogganing, while the cubs went on a snowshoe hike, and the scouts built snow shelters. Tobogganing was filled with funky poses (both on the toboggan and off), and much snow was eaten. The snowshoe hike was exciting for all involved, and the cubs saw many interesting sights. The snow shelters were very warm, and the scouts had a blast cutting away at the ice and layering the ice bricks.

Later, after a delicious lunch of soup and bread rolls, the Venturers set out on their snowshoe hike, while the cubs and scouts went tobogganing. The Vennies snowshoe hike was filled with falling over, and frantically struggling to get up a small hill (some unsavoury words may have been heard).
The cubs had gone back to Jindabyne after lunch and walked down to the lake. Meanwhile the scouts had been toboganning but now were waiting for the Venturers to return in an attempt to surprise snow ball attack them. There was no surprise…Venturers rule!

After a long and fun day, we all clambered back on the buses, and began the trip back to Jindabyne. We couldn’t wait to get back into our warm beds. Once we had returned, many of us delighted to hear some wonderful singing from the showers. We played many card games, before a scrumptious dinner, and we had a particularly extraordinary parade in honour of Matthew Court earning his Queen’s Scout Award.

The next morning, we all awoke fresh as daisies (except some of the leaders, who were more swamp reeds). We were all excited for our second and final day at the snow, which for the Venturers would bring a highly eventful cross-country skiing trip.

Unfortunately, the roads were too snowy to go all the way to Perisher, and so we stopped at Smiggin’s Hole for another fun-filled flurry of adventure.
Once we had stopped at Smiggin’s Hole, the Venturers donned their skis, and set off on one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Our instructor, Marcel first taught us the basics of skiing, with many stumbles and falls (not to mention snowballs). After we had grasped the basics, we set off to practice going down hills. After we had practiced this for a while, a small group of us set off on a quick tour, while many stayed behind to continue rocketing down the hill.
Our tour was approximately 2.5km in length, with roughly 25km worth of fun crammed in. Many stumbles were had, but we all had a lot of fun, particularly on the downhill parts.

Meanwhile the cubs found a slope to toboggan on while the scouts went snow shoeing and enviously watched the Venturers practice going downhill on cross-country skis.

After this exciting day, we all crammed onto the buses for the trip home. Everyone was exhausted from an energetic weekend, but we all had a lot of fun, and none of us would have missed it for all the snow in Canada.


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Birralee Snow Camp – From a Scouts perspective

Birralee Snow Camp
by Sarah (Girrawah ScoutTroop )
When I arrived at the bus, the day was sunny and warm unlike the rest of the week. Everyone (when I say ‘Everyone’ I mean everyone) was excited and looking forward to snowball fights, tobogganing and just being with friends. No matter who you looked at every single person was smiling, grinning or laughing. The bus trip looked like it was going to be fun the entire way to Jindabyne.

The TV screen on the bus went on and everyone fell quiet, craning their necks to see the movie.

The movie was turned off as the bus pulled into Cooma. Cooma’s lights danced outside the windows. The bus stopped outside McDonald’s. I got up and followed the crush of scouts out of the bus, through the car park and to the entrance of McDonald’s. The line of kids was so long that it took up the two ordering counters and the collecting counter before curving around half the shop, snaking around to the door and going outside to the car park. So there I was, standing outside in the cold night air with my friends watching other kids eating hot food inside the warm restaurant. After what seemed like an eternity we finally made it inside. Once we were waiting inside, the line seemed to go faster. Locals looked startled at the amount of kids and staff tried to manoeuvre around us all. When I reached the front of the line I ordered and went to the collection line. I got my food and went to find a table. Every table was full. After I while a found a spot and sat down. I ate and before I knew it, we were on the way to Jindabyne.

It was cold when we got off the bus. We got our bags and took them inside. Inside Jindabyne Scout Alpine Centre it was warm. Compared to outside it was wonderful. We found our way to our beds and quickly set up. We put on our sheets and unrolled our sleeping bags. Then we went and helped anyone who needed it. When we were finished we went to the hall to talk about what was going to happen. We either stayed and talked with friends in the hall or went back to our beds.
I was back at my room when I met one of my old friends. I had been good friends with Naomi when I was a kid but her family had moved away. I never thought I would see Naomi again, but here she was. I didn’t even realise she was in Birralee’s other Scout troop! I also met some people from school and sports that I already knew and were good friends with. Soon, a leader came and told us it was time to go to bed.
The first night was like any other scout camp. Kids were talking and giggling, other kids were telling them to stop and others were snoring so loudly you would have thought they would wake the dead. But eventually everyone fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up at about 6:30. All around other kids were waking up too. The lights were turned on and everybody got dressed. We went and had breakfast and then packed to go to Perisher. I got on the bus and found a friend to sit with. As we drove to Perisher, everyone was looking outside, hoping to get the first glimpse of snow. The first snow that we saw was just cold patches on the ground. Every 100 meters there would be another patch of snow. The further we went the more snow there was. The distance between snow patches became less and less until the ground had an unbroken covering of cold white snow. The bus kept driving until we had reached the parking lot at Perisher. Here everything was covered in snow and ice. The buildings had snow on their roofs and towering mountains were clothed in snow from base to peak. We got off the bus and put on our beanies and gloves and zipped up our jackets. We picked up some gear and followed the line of scouts towards a flat plain of snow. The gear was sorted and given to cubs, scouts or venturers. Then we separated and went off to our activities.

My first activity was shelter building. We were going to make igloos big enough to fit our patrols in. We were given snow saws to cut ice blocks to put our shelters together. We made our outline then cut out the centre of the floor. The walls were hard to build. The first layer of snow had to be scraped off, then someone had to saw the block and another person had to carry the block to the wall and find a spot to put it in. Next snow had to be packed into the gaps around the block so the wall didn’t fall down. It was hard work but when lunch was called we had built a wall about a meter tall. Inside the igloo we had cut the floor so it resembled a circular chair. The top wasn’t quite finished but as least the wall stayed up unlike some other shelters.
At lunch time everyone met back together for homemade hot minestrone soup or chicken noodle soup. I found out the venturers had been tobogganing and the cubs snow shoeing.
After lunch we went tobogganing. Everyone had to trudge up the hill to the top of the slope then line up. The slope was so steep that you had no control of the toboggan whatsoever. Watching everyone go down didn’t help with the nervousness as half of everyone going down the slope fell off their toboggans. When it was my turn I just jumped on and hoped I didn’t fall off. It was a strange sort of fun. It was fun with scariness on the side, but that scariness was what made it so different from normal fun. After my first go I went to the smaller slope and started racing down the slope with friends. We raced over and over every time a different person won the race. Tobogganing is fun but tobogganing with friends was awesome.

Tobogganing had finished and snowballs were flying everywhere. We were having a massive snowball fight with the igloos. It was scouts VS venturers, who by the way had finished our igloo after lunch, completely closing it over.
After a dinner of lasagne, chicken, chips and vegies, I joined the group in a big parade that was so big we had to be outside because the hall wasn’t big enough. The leaders presented Matthew Court, one of the Ventueres, with his Queen Scout Award. After this the cubs & scouts played a few games outside before retiring to bed. This time everyone was asleep quickly and it was morning before I knew it.
On Sunday the weather was not so nice at Jindabyne. It was raining and very cold but up on the snow fields it was snowing. This time the bus took us to Smiggin’s Hole instead of going onto Perisher. The cubs went tobogganing, the Scouts went for a snow shoe walk and the Ventuers went cross country skiing. It was snowing the whole time until I got back on the bus when it turned to rain.
The bus took us back to Jindabyne where I had lunch and then we all got back on the bus to head back to our families waiting for us at the Scout Hall. I couldn’t wait to tell mum how awesome the weekend had been. I hope we have another Group snow camp.


Birralee Scouts – Group snow camp 2014
by Jessica (Gungaderra Troop)

On Friday the 15th of August 90 odd cubs, scouts and venturers set off to visit Jindabyne for a weekend at the snow. On Friday night we really just stayed on the bus and talked but for dinner we stopped at McDonald’s Cooma and we spent nearly an hour in McDonald’s.
On Saturday the 16th of August we woke up at about 7:00am then we got dressed, packed our day bags and hopped on the bus at about 9:00am. We had an hour drive up to Perisher where we stayed at the snow all day. When we got there we helped unpack the toboggans and snow shoes then we walked over to the area we were playing in.
First the scouts were building snow shelters, the cubs were playing and snow shoe walking and the venturers were tobogganing. Then at lunch time the kitchen staff came up to the snow with a stove and food. For lunch we had soup and a piece of bread. After that the scouts were tobogganing, the venturers were snow shoe walking and the cubs went back to the lodge where we were staying. Although I stacked quite a few times I really enjoyed tobogganing because it was really fun going down a big hill at top speed. After a while when we all knew how to control the toboggans we started having races and I won about 6 of them. I also really enjoyed making snow shelters because I got to hide in my patrol’s snow shelter and throw snowballs at people. At the end of the day the scouts had a snowball fight against the venturers then we left for another hour ride back to the lodge. I didn’t really enjoy the snowball fight that much because one of the scouts, Michael, put a big cold icy snowball down my back and the venturers took over our snow shelters and destroyed them.
On Sunday the 17th of August we woke up, had breakfast, packed our day bags and left to go to Smiggins Hole because the road was too icy for us to go to Perisher. When we arrived at Smiggins Holes we realised it was snowing on us! It was only snowing a little bit but after a while it got really cold. First up the scouts got to go snowshoe walking, the cubs went tobogganing and the venturers went cross-country skiing. When we were snow shoe walking I kept tripping but luckily my brother helped me get up and put my shoes back on. After that we all got back on the bus and went back to the lodge to get in clean dry clothes, have lunch and go home. I really liked the second day because it snowed on us which was really cool.
On the way home we watched the end of “The Princess Bride” and after that watched “Garfield”. Halfway home we stopped for a rest in a park near Cooma, we stayed there for about ¾ of an hour then we got back on the bus and went home. When we finally got home we all went in the scout hall while we were waiting for our parents because it was raining. In the scout hall there was leftover food from snow camp that we could take home so I took some green cordial and some custard. There was also lost property for anyone who was missing anything. I looked in the lost property for my sunglasses but I couldn’t find them and I still haven’t found them so hopefully I will get some new sunglasses soon. At the end of this weekend I was sad to leave the snow but I knew it had been one of the best experiences of my life to go to the snow with my family and the scouts.

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Group Camp in the Snow – From a Cubs Perspective

Birralee Snow Camp
by Matt (Yowie Cub Pack)

The best bit of the snow camp was when we went tobogganing and it was snowing. It was   cold and wet!! We could not see very much.

There were 31 Cubs on the camp. We stayed in the dormitories near Lake Jindabyne. Some people talked at night and kept others awake (hhmmm).

It was fun spending time with old friends. I even met a new friend called Fin.

I would go on a snow camp again because I liked seeing the snow and playing in it.IMG_6968Untitled18

Snow Trip Story
By Amy (Yowie Pack Cub)
On Friday 15th of August 2014 30 cubs, 20 scouts and 15 venturers went to the snow for the whole weekend and Friday afternoon. They went on a comfy bus with seat belts and small heaters and lights above you. When we got to Cooma we stopped at McDonalds and had dinner. Then we got back in the big comfy bus and drove to Jindabyne which was about 30 minutes away. Then we stopped where we were staying for the weekend, got dressed into our PJs and had supper and then we went to bed.
The next day we got up early and got dressed in our clothes that we were wearing in the snow. After we got dressed we had breakfast it was cereal, bacon, eggs and hash browns. After breakfast we got on the bus and drove to the snow. When we arrived we got out of the bus and started to walk to our place where we were playing. The cubs went snowshoeing. It was fun and I would like to go again. The scouts and the venturers were building snow forts for the snow fight later in the day. After the cubs went snowshoeing they had a snow fight then left but the venturers and scouts stayed at the snow longer. While the cubs were driving back on the small bus, the scouts and venturers were still at the snow having fun. When the cubs got back they undressed and got in different clothes and went outside and did badge work with the leaders Bunyip, Bagheera and Kaa were all helping with the badge work for cubs to do naturalist 1. When we got back to the lodge the scouts and venturers got back and we had dinner. It was very yummy. Some people got seconds but some people only got firsts. I had a lovely dinner that night.
The next day we woke up early and got dressed to go to the snow. When we arrived at the snow we did tobogganing, well that’s what the cubs did. The scouts went snowshoeing and the venturers went cross country skiing. It was snowing that day at the snow. It was exciting and I definitely want to go again.
Finally we went home on the big comfy bus and the cubs, scouts and venturers all had a fun time at the snow and I agree with them and it couldn’t be happier best weekend ever!

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Shave For a Cure

We raised over $3000 for the Leukaemia foundation when Baloo and Bony shaved their hair off.  It was a fun activity with a worthwhile cause.  Well done Baloo and Bony you both were so brave.

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Clean Up Australia Day

15 cubs and scouts participated in clean Up Australia day around Yerribi Pond.  Cubs and Scouts found many drink bottles.  Some scouts had fun reaching with sticks for bottles that were in the water and others enjoyed climbing over the rocks to find the rubbish left behind by others.  In all we collected 10 bags of rubbish.  A great effort for an hour and a half’s work.

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Birralee 2013 – A Year in Review

Birralee Scout Group were adventurous in a large variety of activities in 2013.  Cubs participated in several camps particularly a Pack Holiday with the Theme of ‘Around the World’ at Camp Coots. Yowie Pack was involved in the Building of Billy Carts and the Billy Cart Derby while Bunyip Pack designed, built and raced Kub Kars.  The Cubs also had the opportunity to go caving and abseiling and hiking throughout the year.  There were 6 Grey Wolf recipients.

The Scouts began the year with 15 members and 2 Leaders attending Australian Jamboree 2013 in Marybourgh Queensland.  They also were involved in many camps, a canoe expedition down the Clyde River, Flying at Camden, ice blocking on the Portrait Gallery Lawns and inviting the Bearcat Response Team from the Police to visit.

The Venturers were also out and about with 2 canoe expeditions, attending Coast Venture, Dragonskin and 3 were involved in Gang Show.

As a group we participated in the Branch Water Activities Camp, and the Centenary Camp with approximately 85 from the group in attendance, Scouting the Boundary Jott hike and Birralee’s 18th Birthday Party.  We ended the year with the Cuboree with 31 cubs, 12 leaders, 4 venturers and 2 Scouts in various roles at the Cubroee.

We are all looking forward to more adventures in 2014 particularly with a Group Camp to Jindabyne in August.

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Gungaderra at Bungonia

The Gungaderra Scout troop participated in caving and abseiling activities at Bungonia this weekend. A great time was had by all.

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Happy 18th Birthday Birralee!!

Birralee Scouts celebrated their 18th birthday on Tuesday 9 April 2013 with a party at the Scout Hall. Cubs, Scouts and Venturers all joined together for a fun night of games and food. The birthday cake was cut by the youngest Cub and the oldest Venturer.2013-04-09 19.37.28 2013-04-09 19.38.41
2013-04-09 19.56.50

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An Exciting Term 1 at Birralee

It has been an exciting Term 1 at Birralee with many activities both at the Scout Hall and away.  There has been flying, swimming, caving, abseiling, Cottershield and many other exciting events.

2013-02-12 18.19.38 (2) 2013-02-12 18.45.07 2013-02-12 19.34.39 IMG_0819

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