Orroral Cub Camp

Birralee Cub Scout Camp
Bunyip Pack
By Brooke

The scout camp was so much fun. We got to make our own dinner. We had roast potato, sausage and vegetables with tomato sauce or gravy. The coolest part about that was we got to cook all of that on the fire. YUM.
After dinner we played spotlight, then had supper, told some stories, and roasted normal and sour marshmallows on the fire. Then we went to bed, but the only bad thing was that it got to around -7 so everyone had to stay as warm as possible.
In the morning we had pancakes and bacon, if we wanted, we could have berries, banana, maple syrup or whipped cream on our breakfast. At 9:30am we started to go on a hike, we were gone for about 4 hours.
When we got back from the hike we packed our bags then packed up the tents. Then it was time to get in our cars and leave camp.