Golden Sun Moth Night Hike

Bush Walk with Cubs/Joeys

By Elizabeth Gillon (7 years)
Echo Mob – Birralee

As I walked out of my dad’s truck I saw the Joey Leaders, Cub Leaders and the Joeys and cubs. My equipment was head lamp, first aid, gloves they were all in my day pack.

We were going on a night hike at Mulligan’s flat. I got teamed up with Chiara. She was my cub buddy.

As the hike started I could all ready see some kangaroos, because it was a bit dark the kangaroos eyes looked creepy, so Chiara and I ran ahead up to the front of the group. At that time I had wondered about how far we had walked.

Then Jemalong stopped because she saw a frog. Then there were Joey’s with their buddies looking at the frog. On the way to the top of the hill we saw spiders and beetles.

When we got to the top of the hill there we read facts about the Golden Sun Moth. It is an endangered animal.

I had a lot of fun on the bush walk with the Cub Scouts and the Joeys.

Yowie Cubs Visit the War Memorial

War Memorial Excursion

By Bailey from Yowie Pack Cubs

Yowie Cubs War Memorial 3
Yowie Pack went to the War Memorial because our topic this term is World War 1. First up we went down Anzac parade looking at all the memorials. All of them had a different meaning which made it very interesting to learn about different parts of the wars. Then we came back to the War Memorial. We went to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It felt sad to know that most of the soldiers weren’t known. Then we went to the discovery centre and had a play around with cool stuff in there like a helicopter which you can drive. Yowie Cubs War Memorial 2Then there was a trench which had a trench foot machine which when you put your foot in there it looks like you have trench foot. Then we went to the hall of airplanes. There were so many different styles of planes in there including Japanese planes, German planes and Australian planes. Then we went outside to have afternoon tea and Sienna and I were picked to do wreath laying at the War Memorials closing parade. It felt very special to do this. The closing parade was peaceful and calm.

Yowie Cubs War Memorial